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Downgrade from a paid Marketing Hub or Sales Hub account

Last updated: November 19, 2019

If you are a user on a paid HubSpot account and are considering downgrading, you may lose access to some tools and features. In addition to losing access to any paid tools and features, keep in mind that content you created and data you have stored will also be impacted.

Downgrade a Marketing Hub account

When downgrading from a Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise account to a Marketing Hub Starter or HubSpot CRM account, your contacts will not be deleted. However, any Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise, or Legacy Marketing Hub Basic contact timeline filters will be removed from the dropdown menu, along with the corresponding data. This includes:

  • Call-to-action data
  • Marketing email data
  • Twitter events
  • Workflows
  • List memberships
  • Salesforce syncs
  • The Persona property

The following filters will remain in your Marketing Hub Starter or HubSpot CRM account:

  • Calls
  • Messages
  • Sales emails
  • Meetings
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Email tracking
  • Form submissions
  • Page views
  • Sales content
  • Analytics events

Please note: for free accounts, the Analytics events timeline filter will show cookie policy banner interactions. If you have an Enterprise account, custom event completions are also included in the Analytics events timeline filter. If you downgrade from your Enterprise account, custom event completions will no longer appear on the timeline.

  • Deal activity
  • Lifecycle changes
  • Merges
  • Sequences activity

In your HubSpot CRM account, form submissions and page views will appear on your contact timelines for the first seven days of website activity after the contact was created

If you downgrade from your Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise or Legacy Marketing Hub Basic account and lose access to the content tools, you will lose any blog posts, landing pages, and website pages you have published. If you are planning to downgrade, export your page content from HubSpot before doing so to ensure none of your content is lost. Additionally, review what data you can export from HubSpot before downgrading or leaving HubSpot.

Additionally, if you're using the Salesforce integration, you'll lose access to your inclusion list. It's recommended to make any desired edits to this list before downgrading your account.


Downgrade a Sales Hub account

If you are downgrading your Sales Hub account, please review the sales product service limits. While you may still have many of the same features, your access to content and data may be restricted. For example, if you downgrade from Sales Hub Professional to Sales Hub Free, you will still have access to templates and documents, but you will only have access to the first five templates or documents that were created in the portal. Additionally, only the default meetings link will remain in your account. If you created any custom meetings links prior to downgrading and you decide to upgrade again in the future, please contact HubSpot Support for help restoring your meetings links.

Please note: if you downgrade from Sales Hub Professional and have contacts who are currently enrolled in sequences, the contacts will be unenrolled.