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Downgrade a paid subscription

Last updated: December 18, 2020

Applies to:

All products and plans

If you are a user on a paid subscription and are considering downgrading, you may lose access to some tools and features. In addition to losing access to any paid tools and features, keep in mind that content you created and data you have stored will also be impacted.

In general, we recommend that you review what data you can export from HubSpot before downgrading or leaving HubSpot.

Downgrade a Marketing Hub account

To downgrade, you should reach out to your Customer Success Manager. If you do not have your Customer Success Manager's contact information, learn how to reach out to HubSpot Support for the information.

From Enterprise to Professional

Downgrading from Marketing Hub Enterprise to Professional will impact the following features: 

  • Brand domains
  • Contact limit

Brand domains

The usage of multiple brand domains is only available for Marketing Hub Enterprise. Once your account is downgraded to Professional, only one brand domain will stay connected. All other brand domains will be removed after 90 days. You'll receive a notification that lists the brand domains that will be removed.

If a brand domain is used as a primary domain, you should consider changing your primary domains from the brand domain to the domain you'll be keeping after your downgrade.

If a brand domain is used as a secondary domain, you should consider moving the content to a primary domain, as per the instructions below.

Contact limit

No contacts will automatically be deleted or removed. However, your contact limit may change. Check the HubSpot Product & Services catalog for your new limit and once you've your new subscription level, you can check your limit in your account settings. You may want to export certain contacts and then delete them to stay below that limit.

From Professional to Starter or CRM Free

When downgrading to Starter or CRM Free, you will lose any features relating to Enterprise and Professional accounts. This includes the following features:

If you downgrade from Enterprise, the previous section on the downgrade from Enterprise to Professional will also apply.

Activities relating to Enterprise and Professional features

Any activities relating to Marketing Hub Professional or Enterprise features will be removed, along with the filters in a contact record in the dropdown menu. These include:

  • Call-to-action data
  • Marketing email data
  • Twitter events
  • Workflows
  • List memberships
  • Salesforce syncs

The following activities and filters will remain in your Marketing Hub Starter:

Please note: for free accounts, the Analytics events timeline filter will show cookie policy banner interactions. If you have an Enterprise account, custom event completions are also included in the Analytics events timeline filter. If you downgrade from your Enterprise account, custom event completions will no longer appear on the timeline.

Classic page editor

All pages that were created using the classic page editor will remain live for 90 days after the downgrade. These pages will still be available in your landing pages, but you won't be able to publish any changes to the content. You may want to consider exporting your page content from HubSpot before the pages are unpublished and archived.

Website pages and blog

Your blog posts and website pages will be deleted. You may consider exporting your page content from HubSpot before your downgrade to ensure none of your content is lost.

Landing pages and primary domains

If you're downgrading a paid Marketing Hub account to a free account, your existing landing pages will remain published in read-only mode for 90 days. After 90 days, those pages will be unpublished and archived. This includes all pages on custom domains and HubSpot's default hs-sites domain.

Free accounts come with a HubSpot branded domain, which will appear as This free domain is based on the company name associated with your account, and can't be customized.  You can publish any unpublished landing pages to the HubSpot branded domain. You can also create new pages on the domain, with a limit of 20 total landing pages per free account.

Content on secondary domains

If you're downgrading from Marketing Hub Professional to Starter and don't have a CMS Hub subscription, your secondary domains will be converted to redirect domains. If you have content hosted on your secondary domains, consider moving the content to a primary domain.

To update the domains for your website and landing pages:

Please note: for multi-language content, only the page in the primary language will appear when searching by domain in the dropdown menu. If you believe you have language variations of a primary page hosted on a secondary domain, you'll need to manually check the primary page.

To update the domains for your blog content:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Website > Blog.
  • Update your blog root URL setting.

After moving your content, it's recommended to disconnect your secondary domains and reconnect them as redirect domains. This will ensure that visitors are redirected to your content and that any file manager assets using this domain will continue to work.

Social data

Data relating to your social posts that you published through HubSpot will be lost. You may consider exporting your social post data before downgrading.

CTA data

CTAs are an Enterprise and Professional feature. All CTAs created in HubSpot will not continue to work once your Marketing Hub subscription is downgraded to Starter or below. You may consider removing any CTAs from all external pages you own and export your CTA data, before downgrading.

URL redirects

Because accounts with Marketing Hub Starter subscriptions don't have access to URL redirects, you may consider exporting your URL redirects before downgrading.

Downgrade a Sales Hub account

If you are downgrading your Sales Hub account, please review the HubSpot Product & Services Catalog for your new subscription's limits. While you may still have many of the same features, your access to content and data may be restricted.

For example, if you downgrade from Sales Hub Professional to CRM Free, you will still have access to templates and documents, but you will only have access to the first five templates or documents that were created in the account.

Removing a user's seat does not delete the seat. Your HubSpot account will still have the unused Professional or Enterprise seat for assignment and you will still continue to pay for it until your next contract renewal date, even if it remains unassigned.

Please note: if you downgrade from Sales Hub Professional and have contacts who are currently enrolled in sequences, the contacts will be unenrolled.