How do I change the About This Blog text on the new blog?

Last updated: May 24, 2016

To edit the About this blog text, or any of the modules located on the side column of your COS Blog, please follow the directions below.

First, please navigate to Content > Design Manager - Doing so will bring you to your Template Builder. Once in the Template Builder, please locate your Blog's template by reviewing the folders within the larger folder named Templates, which is located towards the top, left area of the Template Builder page.

When you find the Blog template in question, click on the template to open it in edit mode. You'll find that the About this blog module, as well as Recent Posts, Posts by Topic, and Blog Email Subscription modules are located on the side column.

To edit the About this blog module, or any of the side column modules, click the Gear Icon drop down option on the right side of module and select Edit options.

After selecting Edit options you will be able to configure the text to fit your needs. When you're satisfied with the new text click on Done, followed by Publish Changes.

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