How do I map a HubSpot field to Salesforce?

Last updated: December 22, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Professional

To map a field that already exists in HubSpot to a non-existent field in Salesforce, you will need to create the field in Salesforce and then manually map it inside of HubSpot. If the field already exists in Salesforce and HubSpot, but is simply not mapped yet, skip to Step 2.

1. In Salesforce:

  • Navigate to Setup > Customize > Leads/Contacts > Fields.
  • Click the New in the Custom Fields & Relationships section.
  • Choose a field type that matches the field type in HubSpot. Click Next.
  • Enter a field label, length, and any other necessary fields.
  • Choose the Salesforce profiles that can see this field and then select the page layouts on which it should appear.
  • Click save to finish creating the field.

Please note that if you want the field to appear on both leads and contacts, you will need to do this step twice and should create the property each time with the same name and field type.

2. In HubSpot:

  • Navigate to Account Menu in the top-right corner and click Integrations.
  • Within the Salesforce section, click Settings
  • Choose Contact Field Mappings from the left side menu.
  • Click Add new field mapping.

  • If your property already exists in HubSpot, select it from the Choose Existing HubSpot Property dropdown.
  • To create a new contact property, select Create New HubSpot Property and name your HubSpot property. HubSpot will automatically match the field type and options of your Salesforce field.