How to change your HubSpot Sales username

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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Your HubSpot Sales username will act as the main identifier for your account. Although your HubSpot Sales username will be associated with just one of your email addresses, you will be able to track emails sent from any of your email addresses that are active on HubSpot Sales compatible email clients.


Changing your HubSpot Sales Username

It is not currently possible to change the username of your current Sales account, so the best way to make that change is to start a new account. Here's how to make the transition:

  • Sign out of your current HubSpot Sales account by navigating to in your Chrome browser. If you use the HubSpot Sales for Outlook add-in, sign out of your add-in as well. If you are the admin of a HubSpot Sales team, please also see the steps below.
  • After you log out of your HubSpot Sales Chrome extension, click on the Sign up link on the next page.


  • Enter the details of your new account.
  • Log into your new account and navigate to Account Menu (to the left of your Hub ID in the top right corner) Profile & Preferences.
  • Within the Basic Info tab, navigate to the HubSpot Sales Sync section and choose which existing account you'd like to connect your HubSpot Sales account to.

  • If you use HubSpot Sales for Outlook, log in to your Outlook add-in with your new login credentials
  • If you are a Sales Professional team user, ask your team administrator to remove your old username and add your new one to the team. If you are an administrator, follow the steps outlined below to transfer administrator access to your new account.

Please note: When adding and removing team members that are on the HubSpot Sales Professional subscription level, you will receive a prorated monthly rate for all additions and removals to the team based on where you are in your monthly billing cycle so you will not be double charged if you add and remove members.

Changing usernames as a Team Admin

As a team admin, you are responsible for adding and removing team members, and managing billing for your team. If you need to change your username, our team can help you transition the admin position from your old HubSpot Sales account to your new account as well as help you manage billing when adding and removing team members.

  • Follow the steps described above to create your new HubSpot Sales account.
  • Within your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to Account MenuSettings.
  • Click Users in the left side menu.
  • Click into the Sales Pro Management section and choose the link to Request admin change.
  • A pop-up will appear confirming your current admin and that you'd like to send an email to request an admin change. To confirm, click Send request.
  • Your current Team Admin will receive an email with a link provided change the Team Admin.

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