HubSpot Sales tool usage limits

Last updated: September 15, 2017

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Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

The HubSpot Sales tools currently operate under limits to better align with the inbound sales process, which emphasizes personalized communication between buyer and seller, as well as to ensure logistical success while operating within the bounds of the HubSpot CRM and the user's third-party tools.



Notifications 200 open notifications per month Unlimited
Calling 15 minutes per month, 50 total calls 2,000 minutes per month
Sequences Unavailable 150 Sequence enrollments per day
Templates 5 templates 1,000 templates
Documents 5 documents 1,000 documents
Meetings Calendar integration; unlimited scheduled events; one booking page; meetings link insertion in Gmail/Outlook Calendar integration; unlimited scheduled events and booking pages; meetings link insertion in Gmail/Outlook; custom form questions and branding; team calendars; personalized meetings links; embed meetings; remove HubSpot branding



  • Sales Free users are allotted 200 open notifications per month using the HubSpot Sales tools.
  • Sales Professional users can receive an unlimited amount of open and click notifications.


  • Sales Free users are allotted 15 calling minutes per month with a lifetime limit of 50 calls total as a way to trial the calling features as part of HubSpot Sales.
  • HubSpot Sales Professional users are given 2,000 minutes per month.  
  • There is currently no pricing structure associated with adding minutes to the Professional plan. However, a pricing structure may be instituted in the future.


  • Sales Free users are given access to five templates in their CRM account. This means that if a free user is added to an account where five or more templates have already been created, that free user will be able to view and use only the first five templates that were created and shared in that account.
  • Sales Professional users have access to 1,000 templates in their CRM account. 


  • Sales Free users are given access to five documents in their CRM account. This means that if a free user is added to an account where five or more documents have already been uploaded, that free user will be able to view and use only the first five documents that were uploaded in that account.
  • Sales Professional users have access to 1,000 documents in their CRM account. 


The sequences tool allows HubSpot Sales Professional users the ability to set up an initial outreach email to a prospect, followed by a series of follow-up emails set by the user. Sequences will continue to send the pre-set follow-up emails until the email recipient responds to the email, the recipient books a meeting with the user, or the sequence ends. Sequences allows users to send customized emails to their prospects without the hassle of keeping track of follow-ups.

Each Sales Professional user is limited to initiating 150 sequences per day. This count resets at midnight UTC. In creating this limit, HubSpot took into account the sending limit for G Suite (formerly Google Apps), which limits users to 2,000 email sends per day. Accounting for multiple sends within the lifespan of a sequence, HubSpot set the limit to 150 sequences initiated per day to ensure that no user hits their sending limit in G Suite.

G Suite sets that sending limit to mitigate the amount of emails that are marked as spam to ensure a high deliverability rate and account health for G Suite users. Sending more than 2,000 emails per day significantly increases the likelihood of recipient servers marking emails as spam, so setting that limit encourages a healthy sending environment for both sender and recipient.

Please note: HubSpot will not be able to increase the limit of sequence enrollments.

Beyond the logistical send limits, HubSpot also wants to ensure that each sequence is customized to the recipient, and has the feel of a genuine one-to-one email. Check out this article about the advantages inherent in customizing your sequences. 


Both HubSpot Sales Free and Professional users can integrate meetings with their Google Apps/Office 365 calendar, schedule unlimited events, and insert their meetings link in Gmail or Outlook. 

HubSpot Sales Free users are limited to one booking page and cannot remove the HubSpot branding. Sales Professional users can have unlimited booking pages and can remove the HubSpot branding, along with customizing forms questions and meetings branding, creating team meetings links and personalized meetings links, and embedding meetings on external pages.

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