What is the best user role for a new HubSpot user?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Please note that user roles are available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. All users on Basics accounts are Administrators.

When adding a new user to your HubSpot account, consider what position that user will play in your HubSpot marketing and/or sales efforts. Is the new user in sales? In this case, access to the Contacts tool is particularly important. Does the new user need to be able to create content? Which aspects of HubSpot will be essential to this user within HubSpot's tools?

To find out the best role for a new user, first review the available user roles. Once you've determined the appropriate user role, see this article for steps

Professional and Enterprise product levels also have access to more advanced user permissions. For example, if you want your blog author to be able to write content, but not publish it (perhaps you need to review posts before they go live), this is possible with advanced permissions. Navigate to this article, then scroll to the Advanced permissions section for more information.