Facebook lead ads field mappings to HubSpot

Last updated: November 30, 2018

Facebook's default lead ad fields are automatically mapped to HubSpot when lead ads sync to HubSpot. Custom fields included on your lead ads will be automatically created in HubSpot as single-line text properties in the Lead Ad Properties property group. Hidden fields will not be created in HubSpot.


Default Facebook lead ads field mappings

Facebook default field HubSpot property
email email
full_name firstname + lastname
first_name firstname
last_name lastname
phone_number phone
street_address address
city city
state state
province province
country country
post_code zip
zip_code zip
company_name company
job_title jobtitle
work_phone_number mobilephone
work_email Maps to email if no email is specified. Otherwise, creates work_email property.