Why isn't the comment field appearing on my blog comments form?

Last updated: July 3, 2017

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If you see a comments form on your live blog post, but the Comments field does not appear in the form, there are couple of possible explanations:

  1. The number set in the Close comments after a certain number of days setting might be less than the number of days since the post was published, meaning that comments are no longer allowed on the post. To check this, navigate to Content Content Settings. Select Blog, then Comments in the left sidebar menu. 

  2. The Comment field is not included on your blog comment form. Navigate to Contacts > Forms and locate the [Your blog name] Blog Comments Form. If you do not see the Comment field, click Create new in the left sidebar under the Fields tab to create a new multi-line text property with the label "Comment" and an internal name of "comment" and add it to your form.

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