Why did my call drop or fail?

Last updated: December 16, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

There are a few reasons why calls may drop or fail when calling from your browser:

  • There is a weak network connection when trying to establish a call
  • The browser is unsupported or is not properly set up for calling 
  • Firewall or security settings on your network

Follow the troubleshooting steps if you are experiencing difficulty with dropping calls:

  1. Check your internet download speeds. Upload and download speeds of 10mbps are required to place consistently clear calls. It's easy to check your speeds by going navigating here and clicking begin test. If your internet speeds are low and you can connect to ethernet, we typically see improved performance.
  2. Run this browser test to determine whether or not your browser is capable of making phone calls (please be sure to allow the test to access your microphone). If the call ending is indicated in green in the Log Output section, the test was successful. If not, you will see errors appear in red.
  3. Check with your IT team to determine if any firewall or security settings are blocking outgoing calls from the browser. Please read this documentation to determine if there are security or network settings preventing calls. 

If you have attempted the above troubleshooting steps and they did not resolve the issue, we want to help fix it for you! If you are a HubSpot Sales Professional user, please submit a ticket to the Support team using the Help button. To speed up the process and help us to troubleshoot, immediately following your next call drop, take a screen shot or screen recording with your browser's console open to submit with your ticket. To do this:

  • Right click anywhere on the page and click Inspect or Inspect Element.
  • Navigate to the Console tab. 

If you are a Sales Free user, please use the HubSpot Community for further assistance. You can reach the community using the Help button or by clicking here