Do lead scoring rules add/deduct points multiple times if a contact meets the criteria for a rule more than once?

Last updated: February 2, 2018

No. Lead Scoring rules add/deduct points based on whether or not a contacts meets the criteria of that rule. It does not matter how many times a contact meets the criteria for that rule; if they meet the criteria, the points are added/deduct from their HubSpot Score. If the contact does not meet the criteria for the rule, they gain/lose no points.

For example, you set up a Lead Scoring rule that adds 5 points for filling out the "Contact Us" form.

User-added image
  • If a contact fills out the Contact Us form one time they get 5 points, because they have filled out the form and therefore meet the criteria.
  • If the same contact fills out the Contact Us a second time they'll retain the 5 points they already had, but will not receive an additional 5 points. 

If you would like to give contacts additional points for taking an action more than once, you can use the Refine by number of times option to add points when the contact fills out a form a specific number of times. This refine by option is only available for Form submission, Page view, and Event rules.

You can continue to create additional rules for the same action and set them similarly to award more points for completing the action more times.