How can I choose which properties show in the 'About' section of the contact, company, or deal overview?

Last updated: March 1, 2018

Available For:

Marketing: Free, Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Free, Starter, Professional
Service: N/A

In addition to account-wide default properties set by administrators, you can set certain properties to show up in the About section of a contact, company, or deal record. You can also change the order in which these properties appear.

Please follow the steps below to choose which properties you want to show up by default.

  • Navigate to your contacts: 
    • If you're using HubSpot's marketing tools, navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
    • If you're using HubSpot's sales tools, navigate to Contacts.
  • Click on a contact's name to open any contact.
  • Within your contact record, navigate to the About section and click View > View all properties.
  • Locate and hover over the property you want to add or remove from the contact overview screen, then click the button to Add to About or Remove from About.

  • To reorder how properties appear in the About card on contact records, click on the contact property in the left column and drag the property into place.


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