Select properties to show in the 'About' card on a contact, company, or deal record

Last updated: August 14, 2018


In addition to account-wide default properties set by administrators, you can select certain properties to show up in the About card on a contact, company, or deal record. These are the properties you'll see on records in your own HubSpot account and on records viewed in your HubSpot app.

  • Navigate to ContactsCompanies, or Deals.
  • Click the name of a contact, company, or deal.
  • In the About card, click the View dropdown menu and select View all properties.
  • Locate and hover over the property you want to add or remove from the About card, then click Add to About or Remove from About.

  • Click and drag the property in the left column into place to reorder properties in the About card.

Please note: if you previously modified the properties displaying on the About card of a contact, company, or deal record, any new default properties will be appended to the bottom of the card. If you only want to see see the default properties, you must edit the properties on an individual record.

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