How can I create a filter that contains a unique string of letters or numbers?

Last updated: November 13, 2017


When filtering your contacts, you may sometimes want to search for all contacts who have a property that contains a given string of numbers or letters. 

If, for instance, you want to view all contacts in your CRM with a ".edu" email address, you can use the contains function to filter your contacts. Use the * (asterisk) symbol to signify that the email address should end with edu. Similarly, you could use the contains function to search for other email domains, like or hubspot* or use it to filter other text properties your account. 

You can also use this function to filter for contacts based on a number property. Say, for example, you want to look for contacts with a particular area code in their phone number. Search for and click on the phone number property, then select the contains radio button. Enter the area code you'd like to search for and include an * (asterisk) symbol at the end to indicate that you'd like to filter for contacts who have this string of numbers at the beginning of their phone number (or remove the asterisk if you'd like to include contacts for whom the string appears anywhere within the property). 

Please note that the contains filter functions as contains the word. When you add a filter as in the example above, HubSpot will look for values that contain the word 555 and any other characters after the *. Phone number property values often contain hyphens or spaces. The filters treat hyphens and spaces as delimiters between words. If a contact has a value for phone number that has a hyphen or space before the 555, 555 is considered the start of a word. For example, if a contact's phone number value is 617-555-1234, the contact will meet the criteria for the above view even though the phone number itself does not start with 555.

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