How can I segment Contacts, Companies, and Deals in the CRM?

Last updated: February 1, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: N/A
Sales: Free, Professional

In the CRM you can utilize filters to segment your Contacts, Companies, and Deals by various associated properties.

Follow the instructions below to learn how: 

Create a custom filter:

  • From your HubSpot Sales account, navigate to Contacts, Companies, or Deals from the top navigation.
  • From the left sidebar, click on the + Add filter button.

  • Choose the properties and criteria that you wish to use for segmentation.
      • For example, you can segment Contacts based on State/Region and the number of Emails that have been opened.
      • Another example, you can segment Companies based on Number of Employees:
      • And for a final example, you can segment Deals based on Close Date:

Save and export your view

After creating your filter, you have the option of creating a new view and exporting your list of Contacts, Companies, or Deals.
  • To create a new view, click the Save button once you've applied your filters.

  • Give a name to your new view, and click Save. For more information about views, check out this article.

  • To export your list of contacts, select on Export all in view in the Options dropdown.

Please note: It is currently not possible to use the same Contact Property more than once or to use more than one criteria for a single Contact Property when creating a filter.