How can I test a workflow?

Last updated: January 25, 2017

To test the functionality of your workflow, manually enroll a test contact record or use the "test workflow" feature. Manually enrolling a test contact for testing purposes allows you to observe the workflow in real time (the "test workflow" functionality causes all steps to execute immediately).

Follow the steps below to manually enroll a test contact in your workflow:

  • Set the starting condition (When active, this workflow will enroll contacts who...) for your workflow to Manually.
  • Save your workflow steps, then activate your workflow with the top-left toggle switch.
  • Navigate to Contacts > All Contacts.
  • Search for and click into your own/test contact record.
  • Locate the Workflows section on the left-hand side of your test contact record. From the dropdown menu within this section, choose your worklow then click Enroll.

If you need to test your workflow more than once, please be sure to to activate your workflow's reenrollment criteria in order to allow your test contact to enroll in your workflow more than once. Please be aware that if this setting is left enabled after testing and workflow is then activated, contacts that are eligible for reenrollment will be reenrolled in the workflow. If you don't wish for that to take place, disable the setting by unselecting the checkbox next to Allow contacts who meet the starting conditions to reenroll when any one of the following occurs.

Please note that due to the reliance on one's email server, during the test, automated emails may arrive in your inbox out of order when compared to the order they appear in the workflow. This may happen because there are no delays during the testing and all automated emails execute in very close timing. However, you should feel confident that these emails will be sent in the correct order once a contact really enrolls in the workflow [outside of the testing experience].

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