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How can I use lead insights with both HubSpot Marketing and Sales?

Last updated: September 14, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Free, Starter, Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: Free, Professional

While lead insights is a feature of HubSpot Marketing, you can use your sales tools along with this marketing feature in order to reach out to your most engaged contacts.

What is the lead insights feature?

The lead insights feature helps you track your prospects’ activity on your website. You can use lead insights to see your most engaged prospects -- the ones who have expressed interest in the content on your site. Lead insights is a tool where you can gather the website activity of your contacts after they convert to leads via a form. Marketing Free users can capture the website activity for seven days after a contact converts to a lead. Marketing Starter, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise users can capture website activity for an unlimited amount of time after a contact converts to a lead. 


How can I use the lead insights feature along with my sales tools to reach out to interested leads?

As you begin receiving form submissions, you can create a saved filter of engaged contacts. Then you can use this saved filter to send templates and sequences to the contacts. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Recent website visitors: Contacts in this saved filter will be anyone who has visited your site during a custom date range. To create this saved filter:
    • Navigate to Contacts in your Marketing Free or Starter account, or navigate to Contacts > Contacts in your Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account.  
    • On the left, click Add filter. Your criteria can be Time of Last Visit | is between | [Select a custom date range].
    • Once you're done setting up your criteria, click Appy filter and then click Save to save your filter. 

    • The contacts that appear in this saved filter are leads who are interested in the content on your site. If you are a HubSpot Sales Free or Professional user, you can follow up with them by sending them a sales template. If you're a Sales Professional user, you could also enroll each contact into a sequence. Please see this article for more information on using templates and sequences.
Please note: while you can't bulk enroll contacts in sequences or send sales templates to multiple contacts at once, you can add your contacts to a task queue, and then jump from one record to the next to send each contact a sales template or to enroll each contact into a sequence. Please click here for more information on this.
  • Contacts who have submitted a form on your website: Contacts in this saved filter will be anyone who has submitted a form, whether that be a collected form or a lead flow (Marketing Free and Starter), or a HubSpot form (Marketing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise). To create this saved filter:  
    • Navigate to Contacts in your Marketing Free or Starter account, or navigate to Contacts > Contacts in your Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise account.   
    • On the left, click Add filter. Your criteria can be Form submission | is any of | [Select your form from the dropdown menu]
    • Once you're done setting up your criteria, click Apply filter and then click Save to save your filter.        
    • Contacts in this saved filter have submitted a form on your website and are engaging with your content. You can also send them a sales template (Sales Free and Professional) or enroll them in a sequence (Sales Professional), as mentioned above. A relevant sequence to enroll them in would be the Recent Conversation sequence from the sequence library. To access your sequence library, navigate in your HubSpot Sales Professional account to Sales Tools > Sequences. Click Create sequence > From sequence library in the upper right-hand corner.

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