How do I change a single line text field type to a datepicker field type?

Last updated: January 23, 2018


Changing the field type of a contact property from single line text to datepicker can result in better data for segmenting. Read more about the benefits here.

To convert your single line text field to a datepicker field, follow the steps below:
  • Export the contacts who already have a value for this property. You will use this exported file later in this process to reformat any existing values. Create a filter of the contacts with a value for your single line text property using the is known operator. Once you've applied your filter, click Options Export all in viewAlternatively, if you are a Marketing Basic, Professional, or Enterprise user, you can create a list of all contacts who have a value for the property you want to edit, then export the list
  • Next, navigate to Contacts, click the Actions dropdown menu, and select Edit properties.
  • Hover over the property you want to change and click Edit
  • Click the Field type dropdown menu and select Datepicker.
  • Click Save
  • Edit the file you exported so that you only have two columns: one for Email and one for the datepicker property in question. Re-importing those contacts with properly formatted datepicker property values will allow the property value to become fully recognized as a datestamp instead of just letters and/or numbers. To import the dates properly, follow the instructions in this article:
  • Now that your spreadsheet is formatted properly and saved as a .csv file type, import the spreadsheet using the instructions in this article.