How do I create a custom Lifecycle Stage property?

Last updated: November 19, 2015

By default, HubSpot provides a Lifecycle Stage property. Read more about this property here.  Since the default Lifecycle Stage property is not editable, you may consider creating your own custom Lifecycle Stage property to accommodate your company's needs.

Should you choose to create your own custom Lifecycle Stage property, this new custom property cannot replace the default HubSpot Lifecycle Stage property. For example, the HubSpot Dashboard will continue to rely on the default Lifecycle Stage property for relevant analytics.

To create a custom Lifecycle Stage property, go to Contacts > Contacts Settings

  • Click the Create New Property button in the upper-right hand corner
  • Type your label, such as 'Custom Lifecycle Stage Property' or 'Contact Type', for example
  • Select the Field Type as 'Dropdown Select' or 'Radio select' to give users or tools the option to identify one single option per contact record
  • Click Add Option > Type your first option in the label field that appears > Continue clicking Add Option for as many options you wish to include in this property
  • If you want to use this property as a field in your forms, keep the next setting as 'Yes' for 'Use in forms?' If not, click the switch to display 'No'
  • Select the Group you wish this property to appear within your contact records and elsewhere in the software
  • (Optional) Type in a Description to help users know what the intention of this property is
  • Click Save Property when done


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