How do I delete custom contact, company, or deal properties?

Last updated: April 10, 2018

To delete custom contact, company, or deal properties in your HubSpot Marketing or Sales account:
  • Navigate to your contacts, companies, or deals.
  • Click the Customize dropdown menu at the upper right of the dashboard and select Edit properties.
  • Search or browse for the property you'd like to delete. 
  • Click the name of the property and take note of the internal name, field type, and options, in case you need to restore the property later (see below). 
  • Click Delete

  • In the dialog box that appears, click Delete to confirm. 

If you need to delete uneditable contact properties in the Salesforce Information section please file a ticket with Support and include the internal names of the properties you want removed.

If you've deleted a property in error, you can restore it by creating a new custom property with the same internal name, property type, and options (if applicable). Navigate to your properties as directed above, then click Create a new property and enter the same Internal nameField type, and options if you're recreating a dropdown select, multiple checkboxes, or radio select property. For additional information on creating new properties, check out this article.

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