How do I find the file that my contact uploaded with a form submission?

Last updated: August 28, 2017

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When a contact fills out a form and uploads a file within a file upload form field, a link to the file is stored in the contact's form submission details as well as within the contact's properties and on the contact's timeline.

Instructions for accessing the form submission details can be found here. Follow the steps below to access a link to the file from the contact's properties and the contact's timeline.

Access the file from the contact's properties

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contacts.
  • Click the name of the contact. 
  • In the contact's About section, click on the View dropdown menu > View all properties
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  • Use the search bar to search for your file upload property.
  • Hover over the property and click the popout icon (box with an arrow) to open the file in a new tab. Alternatively, you can copy the file's URL link and paste it in the URL bar of your browser to access the file.

Access the file from the contact's timeline: 

  • Navigate to Contacts > Contacts
  • Click the name of the contact. 
  • Find the form submission on the timeline (you can filter the timeline to show only form submissions).  
  • Once you find the form submission on the timeline, click the Show updated properties button. This will expand the form submission details and show which contact properties were updated. 
  • The file upload will be displayed as the document's original title, hyperlinked. You can click on this hyperlinked title to access the file.  

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