How to create a conversion process in HubSpot

Last updated: January 13, 2017

The conversion process in HubSpot is the method by which you turn a website visitor into a lead. This process within HubSpot begins with having a specific offer (like an ebook) that you've created, and asking your website visitor to provide some of their information in order to receive this offer. The process for that looks something like this:

Here's the breakdown of this process:

1. Have something to offer: whether this is an eBook or something else, you want to establish you have an offer that is valuable to your website visitor and will encourage them down the conversion path.

2. Create a Call-to-Action. This is basically a bright, attention-grabbing button on your website that asks your user to perform an action to receive an offer. This button will, then, point them to a HubSpot Landing Page.

3. Create a HubSpot Landing Page (and a HubSpot form). This is a page that contains a form with an explanation of what your user is getting from filling out the form - your offer. A Landing Page also, typically, has no navigation, to help your customer focus on the offer and move forward down the conversion path. When the visitor clicks the submit button on the form, this directs them to your HubSpot Thank You page.

4. Create a Thank You Page. Your Thank You Page must provide the offer you've been promising your visitor and return the top website navigation to allow your visitor to continue around your website at their discretion.

This process means your website visitor is no longer anonymous, but has become a contact in your HubSpot contact database with a Lifecycle stage of Lead. Now that you have captured some leads, you can begin nurturing your leads into customers.


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