How do I merge contact property options?

Last updated: April 5, 2018


When reviewing your contact properties, you may find two value options for a property that provide the same information. For example, you have a Higher Education option and a College/Graduate School option for your Industry property. You have contacts with both values and would like to use just one so all of these contacts can be segmented together under Higher Education.

Please note: merging contact property options only applies to dropdown select, radio select, or multiple checkboxes properties, as these are the only types of properties for which options can be set. 

  • Navigate to Contacts.
  • Click the Customize dropdown menu at the upper right and select Edit properties. 
  • Search for the contact property and click the property's name to access it for editing.
  • Scroll down to your options and click the checkboxes next to the property options you wish to merge, then click Merge
  • In the dialog box that appears, select the property option you would like to merge the other options into from the dropdown, then click Merge. If you have existing contacts that will be affected by the property options merge, you will have to type in the number of contacts to confirm the merge.
  • Click Save at the bottom left to take the property merge live.

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