What does "Some of this contact's activity has been excluded based on their IP address" mean?

Last updated: November 1, 2017


There are some situations where you might not want to track the activity of someone (or something) visiting your website. For example, you probably don’t want to track activity from your own company and you don’t want to track activity from internet robots, like Google’s website crawler.

If you see a "Some of this contact's activity has been excluded based on their IP address" message on a contact record, it means that some analytics activities for that contact have been filtered out and are not counted or tracked.

Analytics activities can be filtered out in two ways:
  1. The activity comes from an IP address listed in the IP Filtering section of Reports Settings. There, you can enter internal IP addresses of your company to be filtered out from your analytics reporting. Learn more about filtering out your internal traffic.
  2. The activity comes from an IP address listed on HubSpot's internal list of globally filtered IPs. Some IP addresses are known to be 'spammy' or demonstrate 'bot-like' activity, so HubSpot automatically filters activities from any IPs on this internal list.


Analytics activities include the following: 
  • Website visits
  • Email opens and clicks - HubSpot uses email opens and clicks to track the IP address that the email activity came from, but the email open or click event are still tracked for filtered contacts.
  • Form interactions - filtered contacts don't count towards form view or submission counts, but the submissions are logged.
  • CTA interactions
  • Properties relating to analytics, like "Number of Visits" and "Last Page Seen" are not updated when the activity comes from a filtered IP.

In the event a contact has activities from multiple IP addresses, only the website activities tied to the filtered IP addresses (from the IPs filtered in Reports Settings or the ones on HubSpot's globally filtered list) will be filtered out; all other website activities from the contact will still be recorded.

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