What happens to a contact when I delete a user that's specified as the contact's HubSpot Owner or as a custom owner?

Last updated: November 1, 2017

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After deleting a user that owns contact records within your HubSpot account, a couple of things will occur on the contact record (this also applies to deleting a user that's specified in a custom HubSpot user field type property):

  • For the HubSpot Owner property on a contact record, you may temporarily see a number value (the internal ID number associated with each HubSpot Owner) in place of the former HubSpot Owner's email address. Deactivated User ([deleted user's email address]) will then be displayed in either the HubSpot Owner property or your custom HubSpot user field type property (depending on which property the user was specified in) until a new value is selected or applied. 

  • The timeline in the contact record for some activities may temporarily display a blank space or retain the former owner's email address. This will then change to Deactivated User ([deleted user's email address]).
  • If the account is synced with Salesforce and the user who is removed from HubSpot is still a Salesforce user, the user's name will be displayed as Name (Salesforce), as it does for SFDC users who never had HubSpot access.

Before you delete a user that owns contacts or is specified in any custom HubSpot user field type properties, it's wise to use a workflow to set new users in these properties. Learn more about this here.

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