What is the difference between the Company Name contact property and the Name company property?

Last updated: November 1, 2017


In the CRM, there are three types of properties: contact, company, and deal properties. Each contain their own unique sets of properties. This article will cover the differences between the contact property, Company Name and the company property, Name. Although these properties can contain similar information, they have different functionality.

Company Name

The Company Name property is in the contact properties group and appears on contact records. You can add a value into this field yourself if you have the information, but it will not be populated automatically. This property can be populated in three ways:

  • Manually on the contact record
  • Through a contact import
  • By a form submission (if you use the HubSpot Marketing tool)

The primary use case for the Company Name property is in forms in the Marketing tool. This property should not be used as a personalization token in Sales templates, since it will likely be blank for many contacts. 


The Name property is in the Company Properties group and appears on company records. If you have the Automatically create and associate companies with contacts setting turned on, this property may be filled in automatically for most companies by HubSpot Insights. For this reason, it is best to use the company property Name within templates as a personalization token. This is to ensure with more certainty that the field will be populated when a template is sent.

You will also see the Name property appear within the Associated Company section of contact records.

This is also the property that appears in the Associated Company column on the Contacts Dashboard.

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