What is the difference between the Label and Value in contact properties?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Contact properties are used in various places across HubSpot -- on contact records, as personalization tokens in email and content, in creating lists, and when importing and exporting lists of contacts. When referencing properties in HubSpot, the property label, not the value, will be used. Well, what's the difference?

Labels are the visible options that appear on your forms and throughout your HubSpot account, in contact records, email and content personalization, in creating lists, and in list imports/exports.

  • For example, in the Persona property, a label could be something like "Corporate marketer looking to run better campaigns". If you were to use Persona as a personalization token in an email, like this:
  • For the recipient, it would look like this:
Personalization Example

Values are used mostly used in the HubSpot APIs and through integrations (e.g. Salesforce). Values are often cryptic, especially for default HubSpot properties.

  • For example, in the Persona field, the value that would correspond to the label above would be "persona_1". Displaying that value in a contact record or in email and content personalization would not be useful, that's why these property values are not visible outside of editing your property:
Persona Value
Persona Value

Previously, property values, not labels, were used. Now, HubSpot uses labels, not values.

Note: List imports supports both label and value to reduce potential import errors.

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