What is the relationship between Close As Customer, Close Date, and Lifecycle Stage in a contact record?

Last updated: January 5, 2017

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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This article explains the relationship between these elements of a contact record: the Lifecycle Stage and Close Date properties, and the Close As Customer option.

  • Two things will happen when you click the Close as Customer button on a contact record (for the first time):
    • The contact's Lifecycle Stage will be set to Customer.
    • Close Date will be set to the date the Close as Customer option was clicked.

  • If you then manually select a different Lifecycle Stage after clicking Close As Customer, (i.e. change Lifecycle Stage back to Lead), the Close Date will remain unless you manually delete the date value.
  • If you then make the contact a Customer once again, the Close Date will remain blank unless you manually input a date.
  • All future changes must be made manually after editing/removing the Close Date property value.
  • The Lifecycle Stage property and the Close As Customer option will continue to update each other accordingly even after manual changes are made.