Why do I see email activities on a Contact Record prior to their First Touch and Create Date?

Last updated: February 28, 2017

You may see email activities that occurred on a date prior to a contact's First Touch or Create Date because email activities are tied to the associated email address and not a specific contact record.

This commonly occurs under the following scenarios:

  • A contact was previously sent emails and deleted from your contact database and then was either re-created through a conversion (form submission) or restored by HubSpot.
  • A contact record merge, where the activity was previously displayed on one contact record but is now displaying on a different contact record with a unique email address.
  • A contact record originally had one email address and that email address was changed. A new contact record was then created with that original email address of the first contact. Any email activities tied to the original email address on the first contact record will now appear on the new contact record.

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