Why was my contact's email address overwritten?

Last updated: December 15, 2017

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In some cases, you may notice a contact's email address has been overwritten. This typically happens when multiple visitors submit your HubSpot form with the same cookie. 

When visitors first come to your site, a cookie is dropped in their browser that is used to track them on their journey through your website. If a visitor leaves and comes back, that cookie is still tied to them. When a submission is captured, it is tied to that cookie and that data either creates a new contact record or updates an existing contact record if one already exists. If multiple submissions occur with the same cookie associated, each new submission will be treated as a contact update, not a new contact. 

This happens when:

  • Someone fills out your form on a cookied contact's computer.
  • Someone forwards your marketing email to a friend, then that friend clicks a link to your site and fills out a form (the submission would be tracked under the original contact's cookie).

If you see this happening frequently on a particular form, we suggest Exporting your form submissions and creating new contacts based on those submissions.

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