How can I edit the size of the featured image in my COS blog?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

The size for a COS blog's featured image is set universally and cannot be changed by default. However, via CSS, one can change the size of such image within your style-sheet, but again it requires CSS knowledge.

  • First make sure featured image setting is enabled.
  • To edit the feature image size, add in the selector .hs-featured-image to the CSS stylesheet attached to your blog (a good idea is to do it in the same section as other blog CSS).
  • The image width is a percentage of the post's width (the height is set to be auto to the width). The new addition to your CSS stylesheet should be coded as follows or close to it:

.hs-featured-image {
width: __%;

  • If the above class does not work, please try .hs-featured-image-wrapper.