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How do I configure COS blog comment notifications?

Last updated: July 11, 2016

To configure the settings of your new blog's comment notification and moderation options navigate to Content > Content Settings > Blog Options > and locate the Comment section on the settings page.


  • Allow comments - This box allows you to specify whether comments are enabled or disabled for your blog.
  • Moderate comments - This box allows you to set a moderation for comments, meaning they won't be posted until someone approves them.
  • Close comments after this number of days - Specify the length of time you want each post's comments section open to the public. This will remove the form which a user can submit on, not the comments themselves.
  • Always require commenters to fill out a CAPTCHA - CAPTCHA authentication helps to weed out bots that can't "see" the graphic number patterns.
  • Require CAPTCHA after this number of days - If a post is older than the days specified a CAPTCHA will be required.
  • Who should receive notifications of new comments on this blog - Who from your company should be notified when a new comment has posted? Please note that blog authors will automatically be notified about all comments on the posts they write (unless the comment is categorized as spam).
  • Comment Verification Text - Choose what text you want displayed after a visitor has successfully posted a comment to your blog post.

Once you have configured your blog comments to suit your business needs click the "Save changes" button below to save them.

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