How do I configure my blog comment settings?

Last updated: October 20, 2017

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Follow the steps below to configure your blog's comment notification and moderation settings:

  • In your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Content > Content Settings.
  • Click Blog > Comments in the left sidebar menu.
You will have the ability to customize the following options:
  1. Allow comments: choose whether comments are enabled or disabled for your blog.
  2. Allow comments to create contacts: choose whether new commenters become new contacts.
  3. Moderate comments: choose whether each individual blog comment needs to be approved before it is displayed in your comments list.
  4. Close comments after a certain number of days: specify the length of time to allow comments for a given post. This will remove the form which a user can submit on, not the comments themselves.
  5. Always require commenters to fill out a CAPTCHA: choose whether commenters should be required to decipher a text input.
  6. Require CAPTCHA after a certain number of days: specify the length of time before CAPTCHA is required for a given post.
  7. Who should receive notifications of new comments on this blog?: select the email addresses to receive an email for every comment on this blog. Please note that blog authors will automatically be notified of all comments on the posts they write (unless the comment is categorized as SPAM).
  8. How many levels of comments do you want to allow?: select the level of comments to allow on a given post. Any number greater than 1 will enable threaded comments.
  9. Comment Verification Text: customize the text be displayed when someone submits a comment on a given post.
  • Once you have configured your blog comments settings, click the Save changes button.

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