How do I make the Facebook social share icons align with the other social share icons in my blog?

Last updated: November 2, 2015

You may find that once the social share icons are enabled on your blog, only the Facebook 'Share' and 'Like' buttons do not seem to align with the rest of the social sharing icons. To fix this, you may add something to the head section of your blog's template.

  • Go to Content > Blog > Manage Blog Template
  • In the template, click Edit > Edit Head
  • Locate the section Additional HTML Head Markup for this Layout. (Depending on whether or not you have any other code in this box may differ how you add the suggested code below. For example, if you already have <style> tags, you won't need to add more <style> tags; simply past the code between the existing <style> tags.)
  • Copy and paste this code into that box > Save

li.hs-blog-social-share-item.hs-blog-social-share-item-facebook span { vertical-align:top!important; }

Or, if you want to apply this style globally to many website pages in your portal, you may add the code to your stylesheet without the <style> tag.

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