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How do I create a COS Blog Template?

Last updated: June 17, 2016

HubSpot's COS blog allows you to create a custom template for your blog. You can create separate templates for the blog listings page (the main page of your blog where all of your posts are listed) and the blog posts themselves, or you can use one template for both the listings page and the posts.

To get started:

  • Navigate to Content > Design Manager
  • Click the blue New template button (or clone an existing template by opening the template > clicking Actions > Clone)
  • Choose Template Builder to use the drag and drop interface or Code Editor if you want to create a custom-coded template from scratch
  • Select Blog under "What do you want to create?"
User-added image
User-added image
  • Click Create
  • Make changes to your new blog template - see this article for an overview on using the Template Builder to structure your content
  • Publish Changes to your new template

Your template has now been created. To set this template as the primary for your blog, navigate to Content > Content Settings > Blog > Templates. Then, select your new template under Template for Blog Posts and/or Template for Blog Listing Pages.

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