How to use the HubSpot Blog Composer tool

Last updated: January 6, 2017

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

HubSpot's Blog Composer tool provides a focused, collaborative setting for you and your team when writing new blog posts. Composer offers a minimal platform to allow you to focus on the content of your blog post before optimizing and publishing.

Take a look at the sets of instructions below to learn how to create a new composition, collaborate with your team, and access existing compositions.

Compose a new blog post

  • From your HubSpot Marketing account, navigate to Content > Blog.
  • Click on the green button at the top to create a New composition.
  • You'll be taken into the Composer tool. Click into the text area to begin writing your blog post.

  • Note that there's a small bar at the top to provide some basic formatting options, including bolding, italics, headers, quotations, and links. This area also provides a word count.

Collaborating with your team in Blog Composer

  • Click Share at the top to share your composition with your teammates. You'll be provided a direct link you can Copy for sharing as well as Add collaborators to work on the composition with you.

  • To collaborate with your teammate in the composition, highlight a string of content and click Start a conversation > Leave a comment (including any @mention to a teammate within the comment) > click Send.

  • To access existing conversations, hover over the right side of your content and click on any chat bubble icon that appears to dive into specific conversations.
    • You and your teammates can navigate to these existing conversations, enter a Reply and click Send to continue the conversation.

Edit existing Composition drafts

  • To access existing Composer drafts, navigate to Content > Blog.
  • On the left side, under the Compositions menu, choose In progress > click on the name of your composition draft to continue editing.

Move to blog

  • When you're done composing, within your draft, click Move to blog to move your draft into the Blog tool for formatting and final touches before publishing. 

  • The composition will still be available in the composer after it has been moved to your blog. Navigate to the In Progress tab on the left-hand side of your blog dashboard to access the composition again. If you make edits to the already moved composition and then select Move to blog again, you will be asked to create the composition as a new post.
  • Note that if you delete a composition from the Blog Composer after already moving it to your Blog tool, the post will not be deleted from your Blog tool.