Why can I not edit the blog post title in my blog draft?

Last updated: November 8, 2018

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When creating a new blog post you will likely want to enter a unique title for that blog post. But what if the area that you normally would type in the blog post title is not available? The culprit is likely that your blog post html template is missing the hubL token: {{ }}

A default HubSpot blog template will already contain this hubL token, but if you are customizing the design and removed this token without realizing its purpose, you may want to reconsider adding it back in.

  • {{ local.navBlog }}
  • From the left side menu, click More tools > Manage blog template.

  • Click the Blog Content module, then click Edit Post Template.


Look for the lines of code likely toward the very top of your blog post template html which should resemble something like this:

 <div class="blog-section">
<div class="blog-post-wrapper cell-wrapper">
<div class="section post-header">
<h1>{{ }}</h1>

If your blog post html template code is missing {{ }} and you are not sure where to place it in, you may want to contact your designer for their assistance on the best location to place it in the code to accommodate your custom design.

Or, you could create a brand new blog template to see an example of what a default template looks like for reference.

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