Can I embed a HubSpot landing page on my external site?

Last updated: January 29, 2016

Yes, though it is not recommended you do so. If you need to display a HubSpot hosted landing page in your primary site we recommend including a small summary in your primary website content with a link that points back to your HubSpot hosted landing page first, if that is not possible you may use an iframe to pull the content of your HubSpot hosted page into your website.

While the iFrame tag itself is simple to embed within your primary site's HTML, you may require some design assistance to prevent the frame from breaking on mobile devices, or producing borders and scrolling within the frame that create seams between your primary and secondary content. An iFrame will also inflate the pageview count of the landing page with each time the external page loads.

For example, here is what the iFrame code may look like:

<iframe src="" style="border: medium none ;" scrolling="no" width="600" height="600"></iframe>

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