Can I host my HubSpot content on multiple subdomains?

Last updated: December 13, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

Your ability to host HubSpot content on multiple subdomains depends on your subscription level.

Basic accounts can host all content types on a single subdomain.

Professional accounts can use a single subdomain per content type (e.g. could be primary for Landing Pages, could be primary for Blog, etc.).

Enterprise accounts can set a primary subdomain for each content type and can additionally publish to any connected domain (multi-domain publishing). To publish content to a different subdomain, use the Alternative Domain dropdown from the Settings tab of the content editor.

You can connect additional subdomains to HubSpot, but note that these subdomains will be considered secondary and will redirect to your primary domain. 

To change which domain is the primary (or default) domain for a particular content tool type, follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to Content > Content Settings.
  • Choose Domain Manager from the left sidebar menu.
  • Click Edit to the right of the domain you would like to make primary. If you have not already connected the subdomain to HubSpot, please follow the steps here.
  • Select the radio box for Content Optimization System Tool(s) and then the checkboxes for the content tool(s) you would like to host on that subdomain by default (remember that Basic accounts will only be able to select one primary subdomain for all of the COS Tools).
  • Click the Save Changes button.
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