How can I view the performances of my HubSpot page A/B variations?

Last updated: November 9, 2016

Available For:

Marketing: Pro, Enterprise
Sales: N/A

After you've created your A/B test variations for your HubSpot Landing Page, you'll want to look at the performances of your variations and decide a winner. 

Follow the instructions below to look at the performance of your variations:

  • From your HubSpot Marketing Dashboard, navigate to Content > Landing Pages.
  • Click on the name of your published Landing Page to be taken to the post-publish Performance screen - this will show you views and submissions only for your main variation. 

  • Click the Variations tab to see the data for your different variations so you can compare views/submissions between your main page (A) and your variation (B).

  •  After viewing the performances of your two pages, click Choose as winner.

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