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How do I create a placeholder menu item in my website's navigation?

Last updated: March 16, 2016

HubSpot makes it is easy to create and maintain your website's menu navigation. To learn more about creating/editing website menus, check out this article.

If you would like your menu to contain non-clickable menu items, you still must add the menu item to the menu tree, but simply do not select any page for the menu item to link to.

  • To edit your website's menus, go to Content > Content Settings > Advanced Menus
  • For example, the screenshot below shows the placeholder menu item is called 'Company Blogs'. Even though no page or URL was entered for this menu item to link to, it will still appear in the menu, but not be clickable.
  • See the 'Company Blogs' menu item appear as the parent along with the children website pages in the dropdown.


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