How to go live with HubSpot using

Last updated: August 10, 2016

Available For:

Product: HubSpot Marketing
Subscription: Basic, Professional, & Enterprise

Follow these steps to go live on the HubSpot COS with a registered domain that has its nameserver set to If you moved your nameserver to another host after registering the domain with, you'd instead need to make the changes on the other host.

Follow the instructions below to take your HubSpot website live with

In HubSpot:

  • Navigate to Content > Content Settings.
  • Click on the Domain Manager link in the Content Optimization System Tools side menu. 
  • Click Connect Another HubSpot COS Domain button at the bottom of the HubSpot COS Domains table.
  • Add your new domain to connect and configure how it will connect to your HubSpot content. If this is the first domain you'll be connecting to your HubSpot account, you'll probably want to make it the primary domain for all tools. To do that, just click on the button next to the make primary for the following tool(s) option and then check the box next to Blog Posts, Email, Landing Pages, and Site Pages.

You will want to connect and not because HubSpot's COS is able to load pages and files at high-speed and protect your site against malicious attacks (like DDOS) attacks, but the technology that enables this will only work with what are known as CNAME records. Root domains, a domain without WWW, cannot connect with CNAME records, but WWW domains can. So you will need to connect the WWW version of your domain to HubSpot in order for this to work. The non WWW version will be redirected to the WWW version, so that visitors will always be able to get to your website.

  • Click Connect Domain.
  • You will be given a CNAME record for your new domain to point to. Copy the CNAME record provided, ex:



  • Navigate to and click Log In at the top, right-hand side.
  • From here, enter your user name and password to log into your account.
  • Under the Accounts Dashboard, hover over Domains > click Manage. Then click Manage next to the Domain product.
  • Locate the Advanced Technical Settings section and click Edit Domain Aliases Records next to CNAME.
  • Add a new CNAME record for WWW (or, if you're only adding a subdomain, add in the appropriate subdomain here like info. or blog.) and then add the CNAME record you copied earlier into the text box after points to. Click Continue, then Continue again to confirm your changes.
  • If you're taking your entire site live now (setting up your WWW CNAME record), then you'll want to setup your 301 redirect next. To do this, click on Web Site Forwarding in your Account settings.
  • You'll want to set this up so your non-WWW is pointing to your WWW. Take a look at the screenshot below for how this should look. Click Continue to save these changes to forwarding.
  • Next, to continue setting up your domain fowarding, you'll navigate back to Advanced Technical Settings and click Edit IP Address Records next to A.
  • From here, make sure your A record for your non-WWW is pointing to the following IP address: (As seen in the screenshot below.) Click Continue as many times as needed to save changes.
  • It may take anywhere from a couple hours to 24 or 48 hours for these DNS changes to propagate, at which point you'll see the domain is properly connected in the HubSpot Domain Manager