What coded files are created by HubSpot's Tech Services Team?

Last updated: December 18, 2015

If you request a Custom Theme, Blog/LP Refresh, or Full Site Rebuild from HubSpot's Technical Services Team, the following files will be created in your account, with your Company's name replacing "Company":

  • CompanyStyle.css - This is the master HubSpot Style that includes the other CSS files.
  • CompanyModules.css - This is a CSS file that styles a site's forms, menus, and other standard modules.
  • CompanyMain.js - This Javascript file activates your mobile menu and includes any other advanced site functionality.

CompanyModules.css is included in the master HubSpot Style entitled CompanyStyle.css

When editing the included CSS files, you must not only save the file in which you have made edits, but also the master CompanyStyle.css, in order to recompile your master stylesheet and make your changes apply.

You can learn more about other included files here. Additionally, the boilerplate CSS that the Technical Services team uses can be found here.

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