What is a Calendar task?

Last updated: December 14, 2016

Calendar tasks allow you to assign content creation to a coworker. You can assign blog posts, emails, landing pages or custom tasks. By assigning a task, both you and the assignee will receive email notifications about due dates, and can mark the task as completed once your content is ready to go. The Calendar will also display, for all users that have access to it, any Custom tasks that are assigned to other Users in the portal.

Calendar task notification emails

After creating a Calendar task, moments later a notification email should be sent to you and to the assigned user. Depending on yours and the user's email server, inbox settings, portal settings, etc. will ultimately determine the speed of receiving the notification email. But in general, once the task is created, the email should arrive at the inbox soon after.

A reminder email will also be sent one day before the task's due date.

If the calendar task is not marked 'completed' within one hour after the due date,  a reminder email will send claiming the task is 'past due'.


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