What is a Simple Menu?

Last updated: May 2, 2016

HubSpot's Simple Menu module allows your content creators to make changes to a website's navigation links at the content editor level. Like other default module types, Simple Menu modules can be configured with default navigation content from the template's Simple Menu options, but can be easily manipulated at a page-level to suit the content creator's immediate needs.

To add a Simple Menu module to your templates

  • Navigate to Design Manager
  • Click on a listed template that should contain a Simple Menu
  • In the template builder, click the gear icon to toggle the options on the current menu module and select "Swap Module"
  • Select Simple Menu from the modules list
  • Click "Select" to make the switch

If your template currently has no menu modules

  • Click the > arrow on the left-hand side of the template builder's layout to toggle the modules list
  • Locate the Simple Menu module in the list
  • Drag the Simple Menu module from the modules list over to the template in the desired location

When you have finished configuring your Simple Menu module's options, click the green "Publish Changes" button to save your work.

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