Difference between 'Dynamic by section' and 'Dynamic by page' menu types

Last updated: January 30, 2019

Applies to:

Marketing Hub Professional, Enterprise
Legacy Marketing Hub Basic

As you create page templates and set up your site's navigation, you'll be prompted to assign menus to your pages. In your template's advanced menu modules, you can select from a few different menu types.

Dynamic by section

A menu that is dynamic by section will display all expanded child items included in a specific section. A section is defined as a top-level menu item in your navigation. If there are child items in a given section, all of those items and their respective child items will be expanded in the navigation. This will be reflected on the navigation for the case for the About Bisha page itself as well as any of its included child pages.

In the example below, anyone viewing the Social Media page would see all the highlighted pages that fall under Follow Bisha in the navigation.



Dynamic by page

You can add child menu items that will only display in the navigation of their parent page with a Dynamic by page menu. This option will only displays the child menu items of the parent page being viewed.

In the example below, anyone viewing the Social Media page would only see the highlighted child pages that fall directly below it in the navigation.