Why is my scheduled post or task not appearing in the calendar tool?

Last updated: July 18, 2017

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Marketing: Basic, Pro, Enterprise
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There may be a time when you have added a post or task to the calendar tool in your HubSpot Marketing account, but the item is not appearing. This typically happens because your user permissions don't allow you to see certain items on the calendar or the calendar filters are set up to only show specific tasks or posts. 

To make sure you're seeing all relevant content, first make sure that you have the correct permissions. A user's access to unassigned tasks or tasks assigned to other team members in the calendar tool is dependent on the View setting on the Contacts tab within their user permissions (Account Menu Settings Users & Teams). If, for example, you have Owned Only view permissions set, you will not be able to see unassigned tasks or tasks assigned to other users. An admin in your account can edit your permissions using the instructions here.

If you've confirmed that you have the correct settings, but still do not see the post or task in question:

  • Navigate in HubSpot Marketing to Productivity Calendar
  • In the left sidebar, check the boxes next to the appropriate content or task type.

  • Also, click Edit next to Campaign and makes sure you Select all (or individual) appropriate campaigns so any task or post associated with a specific campaign will show up on your calendar.

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