Why is my site not rendering properly on Internet Explorer?

Last updated: October 23, 2015

Web browsers use different rendering engines to interpret the code of a website and display it for the end user. Each browser and its various versions support different HTML, CSS, XML, and Javascript features. If something doesn't look right on your site, you will want to test whether the issue is limited to a single browser or even a single version of a browser.

In addition to issues caused by lack of support for a specific website feature, in many circumstances, website page issues can be resolved by clearing your cache in Internet Explorer. To clear the cache on this particular browser, please follow the directions noted below.

First, please open Internet Explorer, and navigate to the Gear Icon. Once you have clicked on this Gear Icon, please select Internet Options.

User-added image

After selecting Internet Options, please click on the Delete button under Browsing History.

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Within the Delete Browsing History window, please check Temporary Internet Files. Once you have selected this check-box, please click on Delete.

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Once you're back on the Internet Options window, please click on Apply. To finalize the process, please restart browser and return to the page(s) in question.

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