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Last updated: January 24, 2018

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First, navigate to Content > Landing Pages to see your landing page dashboard analytics. Below is a list of frequently asked questions on landing page analytics:

How often does the data on the landing page dashboard update?

Analytics and metrics on the landing page dashboard will update every 20-30 minutes.

If I change the URL of my landing page, will the landing page analytics be deleted?

The data will not disappear from the landing page dashboard if you change a page's URL. HubSpot uses a unique identification number for each of your landing pages to track their performance. This allows a page's URL to be changed without any disruption to your data.  

Please note: unlike the landing page dashboard, the pages report considers pages unique based on URL. If you change a landing page's URL, pages will track views of the page at the new URL instead of the old URL.

How do I see analytics for a specific time frame?

To view a landing page's analytics for a specific time frame, hover over your landing page, click the More dropdown menu, and select Details
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On the Performance tab, you can segment the page's analytics by a custom date range by clicking the Date range dropdown menu.

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What is the difference between submissions and new contacts?

Submissions indicate the number of times a form on the page was submitted. New contacts indicates the number of visitors who became a contact by submitting the form on the page. 

If a contact submits multiple forms and becomes a customer, will they count as a customer for all of those landing pages?

The contact will only be reflected as a customer in the analytics for the first landing page they submitted. They will count towards the submissions on all five landing pages, but will only appear under New Contacts and Customers on the first landing page they completed.

If I view and submit a form on my own landing page, will my test be counted?

If your IP address is filtered from analytics in Reports > Reports Settings, your test views and submissions will not count towards the landing page's data. Learn more about filtering internal traffic in HubSpot.

Why are recent form submissions not immediately appearing on my landing page's analytics?

There can be up to a 20-30 minute delay between when a contact submits on a form and when that submission appears on a landing page's analytics. To see the most up-to-date submissions on a form, navigate to Contacts > Forms and click on Submissions next to the form on your landing page.

How are duplicate form submissions handled?

Every form submission will count towards the Submissions total in your landing page dashboard. If the same contact submits the form on your landing page more than once, each of these submissions will be counted.

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