A/B test your page

Last updated: January 14, 2019

Applies to:

Marketing Hub  Professional, Enterprise

Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise users can conduct A/B testing on a landing page. With the addition of a CMS subscription, users can also A/B test website pages. To run a test, create a new page and then create a variation to test one change in the page's layout or content. The same page URL will load a random variation so you can compare engagement on both versions.

To run an A/B test on a page:

  • Enter a name for the variation, then click OK. You'll load a clone of your original page.
To gather reliable data about your variation, only make one change on version B. Consider the following variables for testing:
  • Offers - experiment with the medium of the offer. You might test an ebook versus a whitepaper or video.  
  • Copy - experiment with the formatting and style of the content. You could test plain paragraphs versus bullet points or a longer block of text vs a shorter block of text.
  • Image - try out different images to see how the conversion rate is influenced.
  • Form fields - experiment with the length of the form. Should your form only request an email address or should it ask for more information?
You can edit the other variation of the page by clicking the A or B buttons at the upper left of the page editor.

After you publish the variation and let the A/B test run, click the Variations tab in your page performance details to view your A/B test results. Here, you can:
  • Use the Date range and Frequency dropdown menus to analyze data for a specific time range. 
  • Click the column headers to re-order the results by a specific metric. 
  • Choose a variation as the winner of the test and stop displaying the other variation by selecting Choose as winner.
After some time has passed, you can rerun an A/B test on a losing variant. Hover over the page name and click Rerun this variation.

Please note: if you rerun a variation from an A/B test, the variation will be published immediately.