Can I notify my teammates about a new campaign I created in HubSpot?

Last updated: January 8, 2016

Yes. Once you've created your campaign, you can alert your teammates about your new campaign and the assets assocated. Click on Notify teammates at the top-right to begin the walkthrough process of deciding which teammates you want to notify and when.

notify-teammates-of-campaign.pngClick Get Started

  • Customize the email's subject and message, click Next
  • Pick users to notify by checking the box next to any user you wish to include, then click Next
  • Choose to either Send now or Send later (set a date and time), then click Send/Schedule

If you chose Send Later and that time has not yet passed, you may go back and make changes to that email message or delete the send all together by navigating back into your campaign > click Notify teammates once more > then Edit email or Cancel and delete email.


At this time, there is no automated way to notify teammates about updates to your campaigns. You may manually perform this process on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule or as-needed as you see fit. Each time you send the notifcation manually, you could change the subject and message to reflect the fact that there has been or may have been changes to the campaign.