Error: You are missing the following required tags in your template...

Last updated: September 8, 2017

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You are missing the following required tags in your template... Learn more.

Every HubSpot template requires certain HubL variables to be present in order to publish new content with that template. For example, page templates require the {{ standard_header_includes }} and  {{ standard_footer_includes }} tags that connect HubSpot templates to the editable header and footer areas in HubSpot's app and load required files. This error will display when the template's compiler doesn't find these tags in the template.

To troubleshoot this error message:

  • For coded templates, check to see that all the tags listed in the error message are present in the template or included HTML files.
  • If you are using a template layout, check for open HTML tags in the default content of modules that contain code or invalid code in Edit CSS options of your modules.
  • Additionally, this issue can be caused by misplaced {{ or {% delimeters that the compiler interprets as HubL. To resolve, please check your template and page content for incorrect personalization tokens, HubL, and/or CSS. 
  • For email template layouts, ensure that an Office Location Module is present on the layout.

If you are trying to publish an HTML file that is not a standalone template, you will need to uncheck the Make this template available for new content option to bypass the variable requirement.


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